Undergraduate Programs



IUPUI students pursuing a bachelor's degree in the School of Informatics may obtain a minor in business by successfully fulfilling the following requirements:

Section A: Required Business Courses (9 cr.)
  • BUS A200: Foundations of Accounting
  • BUS K201: The Computer in Business
  • BUS L203: Commercial Law I
Section B: Required Business Courses (9 cr.)

Prerequisites for all three courses below: BUS A200, K201, L203, ENG W131, Math 110 or above. These courses do not have to be taken at the same time and may be taken in any sequence.

  • BUS F300: Introduction to Financial Management
  • BUS M300: Introduction to Marketing
  • BUS P300: Introduction to Operations Management
Section C Business Electives (3 cr.)

Choose one of the following:

  • BUS D301: International Business Environment (P: ECON E201 and E202)
  • BUS Z302: Managing and Behavior in Organizations (P: Junior Standing)
  • BUS Z311: Ethics and Leadership (1.5 cr.) AND
  • BUS Z312: Human Resources and Negotiations (1.5 cr.) (P: Junior Standing)
Requirements to receive a business minor:
  • 21 credit hours in business
  • Minimum GPA in the seven courses of 2.0 or above
  • Four of the seven courses must be taken on the IUPUI campus
  • Fill out an application for the Kelley School of Business Minor at the beginning of their final semester at IUPUI

NOTE: Kelley School of Business may adjust requirements. Be sure to check with your advisor.