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Financial Assistance
Graduate Assistantships
Students may compete for a limited number of graduate assistantship appointments. Assistantships are awarded solely on the basis of merit. These appointments constitute the most common type of financial assistance offered through the School of Informatics. Graduate assistantships include a stipend and a fee scholarship. Students will be assigned to work in areas supporting the mission of the School of Informatics. Students applying for admission to the program should complete the financial aid form if they wish to be considered for a graduate assistantship. GRE scores are required if applying for financial support from the school.

Fellowships and Scholarships
Although the majority of financial aid is in the form of assistantships, a limited number of fellowships and scholarships are also available. Those receiving fellowships and scholarships are not required to perform any duties in return for the stipend the first year.  The second year of support will require research or teaching. These awards are also made solely on a merit basis. Students applying for admission to the program are considered for fellowships and scholarships; there is no additional application to complete. Awards are normally granted for an academic year.

The GradGrants Center (GGC) is a free service available to all enrolled graduate students on all campuses of Indiana University. The GGC provides information and training to assist graduate students in their search for funding to further graduate study at Indiana University. The IUPUI center is located in the Union Building, room 207; (317) 274-4023.

Domestic students who need financial assistance not provided by any of the awards already mentioned are eligible to apply for need-based financial aid. For graduate students, most need-based aid is in the form of student loans. For further information, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance, (317) 274-4162.