Graduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

The advanced professional programs in the School of Education are committed to improving schooling by enhancing academic, social, and emotional learning, with the ultimate goal of improving social justice for all. The four beliefs that guide this work are as follows and apply to all of our advanced professional programs.

Core Belief #1: Comprehensive Knowledge Base
  • Professional educators must have a comprehensive knowledge base that includes content and pedagogical and practical forms of knowledge.
Core Belief #2: Intellectual Skills and Abilities
  • Professional educators must possess discipline-specific skills that allow them to plan, implement, inquire about, and assess practices related to their field of concentration.
Core Belief #3: Focus on Diversity, Culture, Community, and Context
  • Professional educators must focus on the community context in which education takes place (from school community to our global society), understanding the role of family, culture, and community and their impact on the learner.
Core Belief #4: Commitment to Personal and Professional Growth
  • Professional educators must make a commitment to education, to their particular discipline, and to all learners.