Graduate & Professional Program Overview


Graduate Nondegree Programs

The Graduate Non-Degree (GND) Program is for applicants with a bachelor’s degree or higher degree, who wish to enroll in graduate courses only or a combination of graduate and undergraduate courses in the same semester. All Graduate Non-Degree students pay graduate tuition rates. Graduate course work in Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Business, Informatics, Education, Library and Information Science, Nursing, and Social Work is typically not available to GND students.

Since GND students are not eligible to take graduate courses in several graduate programs, before you apply to any program, please contact the graduate department in which your interest lies to determine your best admission and course options. All GND applicants should consult the online materials and use the online application at

For those who have a bachelor’s degree and wish to enroll in undergraduate courses only, please complete the undergraduate admissions visiting student application (

Students who are initially admitted as nondegree students, but who later wish to obtain a graduate degree, must make formal application for admission to a departmental degree program. Once admitted, the department may recommend to the dean of the Indiana University Graduate School that credit earned as a nondegree student be applied to degree requirements. Students should be aware that certain departments and schools specifically prohibit course work taken under nondegree status from counting toward a degree after a student has been admitted to a degree program.