The IU and Purdue Systems

IUPUI is a part of two great public university systems-Indiana University and Purdue University-and offers the greatest number and widest range of degrees in the state of Indiana. They range from two-year associate degrees and certificates to Ph.D. and professional degrees. All degrees bear either the IU or Purdue designation. Students are, therefore, affected by policies of Indiana University, Purdue University, or both. Such university-wide policies and procedures are set by either the trustees or the faculty with trustee approval. In many areas, especially at the undergraduate level, IUPUI sets its own campus policies and procedures.

University College

Undergraduates are admitted to IUPUI through University College, which was created to help students make a successful transition to college life and select an area of study. University College provides orientation, first-year seminars, student support, and advising for entering students. Students who meet entry-level requirements, and who have indicated their desire to enter a school that accepts first-year students, are simultaneously admitted to a school (known as dual admission).

The Schools

Fields of study or disciplines are housed in schools at IUPUI. School policies and procedures govern all the students within each school. Most fields of study are housed in departments within the schools, but in some schools they may be called by other names, such as divisions. The departments and schools themselves determine degree requirements and whether students are eligible to receive a degree. Students must be in a school and take a specific number of courses at IUPUI (residence requirements) to be eligible for a degree. A current list of degree programs appears online at http://www.iupui.edu/academic/schoolsdepts.htm.

The Columbus Campus 

MBM:  Need intro from Columbus website and a link to their information here.  For Columbus-specific information relating to admission, registration, financial aid, scholarships, placement testing, academic advising, orientation, and student activities, see the IUPU Columbus section later in this bulletin.