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Administrative Officers

  • Reinhold Hill, Vice Chancellor and Dean
  • Lori Montalbano, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Joan Poulson, Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs, Deputy Title IX, Student Conduct
  • Jay Lesandrini, Director, Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Scott McIntyre, Director, Enrollment Management
  • Paul Burris, Director, Facility Services
  • Naomi Cohenour, Executive Director, Administration and Finance
  • Bill Fields, Executive Director, University Information Technology Services
  • Matt Souza, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor and Dean for Strategy
  • Nick Ray, Regional CIO
  • Brenda Vogel, Director, Development and External Affairs
  • Lieutenant Brian Deubner, Office of Public Safety & Security

Division Heads and Program Directors

  • Darrin Carr, Director, MA in Mental Health Counseling Program
  • Anna Carmon, Director, Communication Studies Degree Program
  • Crystal Walcott, Division Head, Division of Education
  • Emily DillExecutive Director, University Library of Columbus
  • Barbara Hass-Jacobus, Director, Biology Degree Program
  • Kimdy Le, Director, Psychology Degree Program
  • Karen Werskey, Director of the IUPUC Division of Health Sciences Simulation Center
  • J. D. Mendez, Division Head, Division of Science
  • Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Director of the Office of Student Research
  • Paige McDaniel, Interim Division Head, Division of Health Sciences
  • George Towers, Division Head, Division of Liberal Arts
  • Ryan Brewer, Division Head, Division of Business; Director, MBA Program
  • Lana Watson, Director of Traditional and Accelerated Bachelor of Science Nursing Track 
  • Laura Watson, Director of RN to BSN Nursing Track
  • Vickie Welsh-Huston, Director, General Studies Degree Program and IUPUC Honors Program
  • Katherine Wills, Director, English Degree Program
  • Aimee Zoeller, Director, Sociology Degree Program
  • Lisa Homer, Director of Division of Health Sciences Assessment & Evaluation
  • Carrie Shaver, Director of Community Health Advocacy Program, Regional Healthcare Pipeline
  • Andrea Valentine, Director, Master of Science in Nursing Program
  • Brian Russ, Director of Clinical Training, MHC
  • Melissa Fairbank, Director of the Center for Business & Economic Development (CBED)
  • Buzz Clore, Director of IT Support Services