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Graduate/Professional Program Overview

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Application Deadlines

The IU MBA Program at IUPUC starts new student cohorts every fall and selected spring semesters. Application deadlines for fall admission are April 1 for international students and May 1 for all other MBA applicants. Please visit the program web site for current details.

The MBA program is....

  • Six thematic modules that provide an integrated experience to help you learn business management in ways similar to how real business is conducted and let you address complex management problems.
  • Analytical skills you need to understand business problems and the personal and professional development skills to address those problems in productive, ethical ways.
  • Full-timeavailable faculty who combine their industry experience with ongoing academic and applied research.
  • International perspectives in the curriculum as well as in the classroom, with approximately a dozen countries represented in current cohorts.


Study part-time, finish in 24 months.

By targeting general management and decision-making skills, the IU MBA Program at IUPUC becomes a powerful credential that continues serving you well as your professional life develops and grows.

It is an applied educational experience, utilizing problem- and project-based learning to exercise concepts and strategies. Faculty mentor you through the program by fusing their own business experiences with ongoing academic and applied research. And they are easily available to you: At a time when so much educational contact is relegated to nameless or faceless online encounters, faculty in the IU MBA Program at IUPUC interact with you face-to-face. In real life 3D, inside and outside of the classroom.

Best of all, the IU MBA Program at IUPUC is convenient and affordable. Begin your studies in August or January, attend classes part-time, two nights a week, and complete your degree in 24 months.

Prep for Success

Unlike other MBA programs, IUPUC offers the Prep for Success course during the initial three weeks of your first semester that eliminates the need for traditional prerequisites. A combination of financial and case-study analysis, MBA Prep for Success helps ensure you and your peers are ready for graduate business study.