Resources and Services


Emergency Procedures

In an emergency, from any on-campus phone, dial 9-911.

Building Security

IUPUC has no student housing. Building hours are determined by the Vice Chancellor’s Office. When a building is closed, only faculty, staff, and students with specific needs are allowed inside. Environmental and lighting concerns are monitored continually by the Maintenance Department, and they respond to all requests for service dealing with safety or security hazards that are structural or mechanical in nature. All members of the university community are encouraged to report any safety hazards to the Maintenance Department at (812) 348-7237.

Law Enforcement

IUPUC has no formal police or security departments. The campus is patrolled on a part-time basis by the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Reserve Division. It is IUPUC policy that all members of the university community are responsible for safety and security at IUPUC. The IUPUC Emergency Procedures Handbook provides guidance on many topics related to this subject.