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Transition to Teaching (T2T) in Special Education
Program Description

Transition to Teaching (T2T) in special education program is a graduate license program that is a fast track cohort program to prepare teachers to be licensed in mild intervention (P-12). This program requires fewer courses than the traditional initial special education license program, thus can complete the license program quicker in three semesters. Because of fewer courses, the program requires higher performance (B or above grade for all of the program courses). After completion of licensure program, T2T students can earn a master’s degree with two additional capstone courses.

Entrance Requirement: The applicants must meet the below entrance requirement of A or B to start T2T program.

(A) Bachelor’s Degree with a 3.0 GPA

(B) Bachelor’s Degree with GPA between 2.5 to 2.9 with 5 years of professional experience (5 years of professional experience only can be waived if the student passes licensure exams prior to entering the program)

Praxis Core exams are also required before entering the second sequence of the cohort.

Program Courses

Course Requirements (all courses are 3 credits):

Sequence 1

  • EDUC-P514 Life Span Development: Birth to Death
  • EDUC-K505 Introduction to Exceptional Children
  • EDUC-K555 Assessment and Instruction of Reading In Special Education

Sequence 2 (Praxis Core Entrance Exams need to be passed before entering Sequence 2).

  • EDUC-K543 Education of Students with Socially and Emotionally Disturbed
  • EDUC-K535 Assessment and Remediation of Mild Disabilities
  • EDUC-M501 Field Experience

Sequence 3 (Praxis Core Mild Intervention License Exams need to be passed before entering ST)

  • EDUC-P595 Student Teaching in Special Ed
  • EDUC-K519 Psychological and Educational Assessment of Exceptional Children

Capstone Courses for Master’s Degree (2 courses, 6 credits)

  • EDUC-Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry
  • EDUC-W 505 Master’s Capstone Seminar

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