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Major in Digital Media and Storytelling (ONLINE)

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Storytelling is a fully online degree offered by
IU Northwest collaboratively with the other regional IU campuses. Students will have the opportunity to develop career-ready skills in digital media and communication by taking a wide range of
courses in addition to completing a capstone.


CORE courses (27 cr)

WRITING (6 cr)
1.1 Select one of the following:
• ENG-W 203 Creative Writing
• ENG-W 206 Intro to Creative Writing
1.2 Select one of the following:
• ENG-W 234 Technical Report Writing
• ENG-W 270 Argumentative Writing
• JOUR-J 200 Reporting, Writing, Editing
• JOUR-J 210 Visual Communication

Select one of the following:
• JOUR-J 210 Visual Communication
• COMM-M 215 Media Literacy

Select one of the following:
• FINA-D 210 Digital Art: Survey and Practice
• COMM-M 210 Media Message Design

• JOUR-S 200 Sophomore Seminar Digital Media Storytelling

Select one of the following:
• JOUR-J 307 Media Career Planning
• JOUR-J 400 Careers in Public Relations

MEDIA LAW (3 cr)
Select one of the following:
• JOUR-J 300 Communications Law
• CMCL-C 328 Digital Responsibilities and Rights
• NEWM-N 480 Technology and the Law

Select one of the following:
• FINA-A 477 History of Photography
• COMM-M 370 History of Television
• COMM-M 373 Film and Video Documentary
• FILM-C 393 Hist. European & American Film I
• FILM-C 394 Hist. European & American Film II

CAPSTONE (JOUR-J 495) (3 cr)

Specialization areas
In addition to completing 27 credit hours in the major, students will choose between two
specializations comprising of 15 credit hours of 300 and 400 level courses.

Specialization 1: Public Relations (15cr)
1. COMM J321/ JOUR J321/
SPCH S233 Intro to Public Relations (3cr)
2. JOUR J349/ JOUR J390/ SPCH S333/COMM C349 Public Relations Writing (3cr)
3. COMM C429/ JOUR J429 Public Relations Campaigns (3cr)
4. JOUR J403 Public Relations Research (3cr)
5. Theories of Public Relations and Media Culture (3cr)- Complete one of:
• CMCL-C 315 Advertising and Consumer Culture
• CMCL-C 324 Persuasion
• COMM-R 321 Media Theory & Criticism
• COMM-C 462 Television Aesthetics/Criticism
• SPCH-S 303 Propaganda and Persuasion
• JOUR-J 410 Media as Social Institutions

Specialization 2: Digital Story Telling (15cr)
1. Writing as Making (3 cr)- complete one of:
• ENG W301 Writing Fiction
• ENG W302 Introduction to Screen Writing
• NEWM N260 Script Writing
• ENG W303 Writing Poetry
• ENG W305/W311 Writing Creative Non-Fiction
• ENG W315 Writing for the Web
• ENG W318 Finding Your EVoice
• ENG W323 Digital Writing
2. FINA S303 Lens-Based Image Construction
3. Interactive Emergent Media (3 cr)-complete one of:
• JOUR J301 Social Media Strategies
• JOUR J303 Online Journalism
• NEWM N485 Social Media Content, Analytic
4. Media Critique and Analysis- complete one of:
• CMCL C315 Advertising and Consumer Culture
• CMCL C324 Persuasion

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