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Computer Information Systems (CIS)
B.S. in Informatics (INFO) ONLINE

The BS in Informatics is jointly offered by six IU campuses: East, IUPUI, Kokomo, Northwest, South Bend, and Southeast. You will be assigned to a “home” campus, or campus of enrollment, but you can take online classes from any of these campuses to increase your options and shorten your time to degree. Your home campus will apply the credits you earn toward your BS.

When you have successfully completed all degree requirements, your home campus will award your Indiana University diploma. The placement office on your home campus will help you find appropriate employment.


  1. A minimum of 120 credit hours are required to complete the degree  
  2. Students must also complete the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences (please see department for specific CIS requirements) as part of the overall degree requirements

General Education Requirements (39-49 cr.)

The general education requirements for Bachelor of Science in Informatics will parallel those for a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. Specifically, in addition to the general requirements for this baccalaureate degree, candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics must complete the following group requirements.

Group Va

The major requirements are organized into three categories:
Informatics Core (39 cr.) Informatics Electives (9 cr.) Cognate Area (15-18 cr.) 

Informatics Core (39 credit hours)

The required courses in the joint Online Informatics degree are

  • INFO-C 100 Informatics Foundations (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 112 Tools of Informatics: Programming and Databases (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 201 Mathematical Foundations of Informatics (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 203 Social Informatics (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 210 Problem Solving and Programming 1 (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 211 Problem Solving and Programming 2 (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 300 Human Computer Interaction (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 307 Data Representation and Organization (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 399 Database Systems (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 413 Web Design and Development (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 450 System Design (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 451 System Implementation (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 452 Project Management (3 cr.) 

Informatics Electives (6 credit hours, 300 level or higher)

Please see the CIS Department for a list of acceptable courses. 

Total (9 cr.)

Cognate Area (15-18 credit hours)—Select one Cognate Area

Please see the individual departments for specific information on the Cognate Area.

For more information please see 

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