Policies & Procedures

Transfer to Other Indiana University Campuses

The policy stated below concerning transfer credit pertains to undergraduate students only.

Each campus has established one office to serve as the central information source for intercampus transfers. Some campuses have priority dates for students to declare an interest in making an intercampus transfer. Even if a campus has no priority date, it is important to start investigating the transfer requirements as early as possible to assure the best possibility of enrolling in your desired courses.

Consult the intercampus transfer Web site at www.iupui.edu/~moveiu for detailed information and a listing of campus contacts and intercampus transfer policies. You can also initiate an intercampus transfer by completing the form on the web site.

Students who want to transfer from one Indiana University campus to another campus should follow these procedures:

  1. Meet with your home campus advisor to discuss academic preparation, grades, and other eligibility issues. You can get a general idea of how your classes may apply to another degree by using the Degree Progress Report, a computerized degree-audit system available on the Web through One.IU.edu. While the advising capacity of the Degree Progress Report is qualified by each individual's circumstances, it can help you learn how courses will apply toward different degrees.
  2. Consult the intercampus transfer office at the proposed new campus if academic and/or eligibility questions remain. Remember that application for intercampus transfer does not guarantee admission to the campus or a specific school on the campus. Campuses may provide additional information and contact points for questions.
  3. If applicable, talk to the financial aid offices at the present and proposed campuses. Your aid eligibility does not transfer automatically from one campus to another.
  4. Visit the new campus to explore possible academic and social adjustment issues; some campuses may establish special open house events for those students who have expressed interest. Some campuses may also require that you attend a special orientation program or take placement examinations.
  5. If you decide to proceed with the transfer, complete the intercampus transfer form. The receiving campus will respond to you and your home campus. If you decide later not to transfer, you should notify both campuses.

1 Some academic programs require specific qualifications in addition to those enumerated in this policy. 

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