Financial Information

Basic Costs

Expenses for attending Indiana University Northwest for an academic year, including in-state fees for 30 credit hours, books, and supplies, total approximately $8,500. Expenditures for clothing, travel, entertain­ment, and personal items are not included in this estimate.


Tuition and fees are determined by the Indiana University Board of Trustees and are subject to change by action of the trustees. Students are advised to consult the fee schedule section of the campus Schedule of Classes or the Indiana University Northwest Office of Student Accounts Web site ( to determine the current fees and due dates for any given semester.

Deferment Plans

In accordance with Indiana University Northwest's commitment to provide quality education at a reasonable cost, deferment plans are offered to eligible students. Eligibility is based on the total amount of a student's assessed tuition and fees for a semester and past payment history with the university. To participate in a deferment/payment plan, the minimum amount due on your bill must be paid by the due date. The minimum amount due consists of approximately 25-35 percent of the total bill. A deferment fee is charged for this service. During the fall and spring semester, up to 4 payments can be made. Each payment must be made by the pre-determined due dates for each semester. Contact the Office of the Bursar for specific details.

Refund of Student Fees

When a student withdraws from a course or courses, a refund will be made for most courses involved according to the refund policy stated in the campus Schedule of Classes. Full refund of fees is given only during the first week of classes. Students are advised to consult the Indiana University Northwest Office of Student Accounts Web site or contact the Office of the Bursar for more detailed information regarding the refund of student fees.

Special Credit

Any student who is full-time (12 cr.-18 cr.) does not need to pay for special credits under the banded tuition fees for full-time students, regardless of their Freshman to Senior status.  Transfer and new students in their first year who are part time are also exempt from charge for special credits.  All others must pay a per credit rate for eligible special credits.  Each academic unit determines in which courses, if any, special credit by examination may be earned.

Academic Bulletins

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