General Studies Program

General Studies Program

The General Studies Program at IU Northwest offers the Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) degree. 

General studies degree programs provide higher education alternatives for nontraditional students that leads to a Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) degree. Those students may have work or home schedules that are uncertain, or may simply desire flexibility in program planning and scheduling that is not generally available in traditional programs. Many of our students began a program some time ago and now wish to continue their education in a way that builds upon prior academic achievements and present personal realities.

It is possible to design an academic program that fits you. It is possible to complete your studies in a variety of ways.

The B.G.S. degrees consist of two parts: (1) course work that must be done in broad categories, called "required areas of learning," and (2) course work that can be done in any school, division, or program of the university, called "elective credit." The three required areas of learning are arts and humanities, science and mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences. They provide students with a broad exposure to the humanities and the sciences. Electives permit students to explore other areas of interest and to tailor the degree to their individual needs.

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