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Credit Transfer Policies

Credit transfer is administered by the graduate advisor with the advice of appropriate faculty, including the student's faculty advisor. Formal appeals of decisions and the consideration of requests for exceptions to existing policy are provided for by a standing committee of the faculty of the SOE.

Credit transfers for a course must not be confused with performance criteria for a degree, certificate, license or endorsement. Most programs of the SOE require performance criteria that are evidenced by a portfolio. Course completion or credit transfer does not, by itself, constitute meeting performance criteria. Performance criteria (portfolio artifacts) required for certificates, licenses or endorsements must be demonstrated after acceptance into the school.
Academic work from a regionally accredited college or university for which a student grade is at or above the level of C may be transferred for credit but will be transferred for program requirements subject to the following conditions.

  • Undergraduate or graduate students who have successfully completed any course at any other Indiana University campus that is part of a program at IUN will receive full credit for that course. Products or performances that are required for any academic objective at IUN must however still be demonstrated.  Assistance toward meeting performance criteria at IUN is provided, in part, through enrolling and completing credit courses. A student who has transferred such course credit will be given assistance as may be needed toward meeting performance criteria by being allowed to attend the course at IUN without having to re-enroll or pay tuition for it. Similar arrangements may be possible for other transfer students. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Except as noted below, two-thirds of the credits for any graduate degree, license or certificate program but including all related student teaching or other required practicums must be completed after being formally admitted to that program within the SOE at IUN. Graduate students in good standing from another IU campus who have been formally admitted to a degree, license or certificate program that is also available at IUN may transfer in all but one-fourth of the same or similar program credit requirements at IUN before being awarded the degree, license or certificate. However, the transferred credit may not include student teaching or other required practicum, and performance criteria required at IUN must still be demonstrated.
  • Acceptance into a degree, certificate, license, or endorsement program must be accompanied with an approved program of studies that has been validated by appropriate faculty and certification advisors within the SOE at IUN.
  • Guest students, or students who are seeking personal, short-term objectives such as license renewal or self-development, are not normally affected by transfer of credit issues at IUN. The Student Admission and Reinstatement Committee of the SOE will consider any such cases on a case-­by-case basis. However, the transferability of any IUN course or other experience to a program at another institution, within or outside of the Indiana University School of Education, is entirely the responsibility of the guest or short-term student.

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