M.S. in Education


Students interested in graduate study should obtain the application materials from the Office of Education Student Services. All official transcripts required for application purposes must be sent directly from the originating institution to the Office of Education Student Services. Indiana University students need not provide a transcript. Admission to all graduate licensure programs also require the passing of specific Praxis I and/or Praxis II exams. See the Office of Education Student Services for the names and code numbers of the required exams in specific areas of study.

Foreign students and students with non-U.S. institutional degrees must contact the Office of Admissions at Indiana University Northwest.

Students may be able to transfer some courses taken at other campuses or universities. The school transfer policy appears earlier in this bulletin.

Admission to the School of Education expires upon receipt of a degree, the completion of special admission work, or when no work has been completed on this campus in a period of seven calendar years. Students must then reapply for admission.

Admission to graduate study does not necessarily imply admission to a degree program. If a student is admitted to a degree program, this will be specifically indicated.

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