Bachelor of Science in Education

Urban Teacher Education Program

The Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) is experience-rich, field-based, and leads to teacher licensing in selected areas through undergraduate and graduate programs, Option I and Option II, respectively.

  • Option I is designed for undergraduates and offers a unique opportunity for those enrolled in the SOE to do a yearlong experience in an urban professional development school and obtain certification in elementary or secondary education.
  • Option II is designed for graduate students who have obtained degrees from accredited institutions in subjects other than education. This option offers the opportunity for graduate students to do a yearlong internship in both urban middle and high school settings and obtain certification in a secondary education field.

UTEP is committed to the development of "star" urban teachers as supported by the research on effective teaching in urban schools. The program ensures that preservice teachers are exposed to "best practice" in urban teaching, through the collaborative mentorship of school-based and university-based faculty members.

Graduates of the program are given "first consideration" in hiring by the urban districts of East Chicago, Gary, and Hammond.

Academic Bulletins

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