Bachelor of Science in Education

Secondary and K-12 Visual Arts

Professional Education Courses

The required education courses are sequenced into four blocks. The courses listed in Blocks 1,2, and 3 must be completed in this order. Each of these courses must be completed with a grade of C or better before a student can continue in the program. The professional education courses listed as follows may only be taken after admission into the Teacher Education Program.

  • First Block
    • EDUC M314 General Methods: Senior High/Junior High/Middle School Teachers (3 cr.)
    • EDUC K306 (3 cr.)
  • Second Block - The second block requires that 70 percent of content courses be completed and the following courses be taken concurrently
    • EDUC M464 Methods of Teaching Reading (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M301 Field Experience (3 cr.)
    • The appropriate methods course for each specific teaching major.
    • EDUC M330 Foundations of Art Education and Methods I (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M437 Teaching Science 5-12 (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M441 Methods of Teaching SH /JH/ MS Social Studies (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M452 Methods of Teaching SH /JH/ MS English (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M457 Methods of Teaching SH /JH/ MS Mathematics (3 cr.)
  • Third Block - To be eligible to enroll in the third semester of the education sequence, which deals with specific methods, the student must have successfully completed at least 85 percent of the teaching major. The third block requires the following courses to be taken concurrently:
    • EDUC P407 Psychological Measurement in the Schools (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M304 Laboratory/Field Experience (3 cr.) The appropriate methods course for each specific teaching major.
    • EDUC M430 Foundations of Art Education and Methods II (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M446 Methods of Teaching SH /JH/ MS Science (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M483 Teaching Social Studies 5-12 (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M469 Content Area Literacy (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M459 Teaching Mathematics 5-12 (3 cr.)
    • EDUC M478 Methods of Teaching High School Speech
  • Urban Teaching Education Program Option I - Provides third-block field experiences and student teaching in urban schools.

Portfolio Checkpoint #2

  • Fourth Block
    • EDUC M480 Student Teaching in the Secondary School (12 cr.)

Portfolio Checkpoint #3

  • Teaching Majors Available - Credit for at least 36 credit hours must be obtained in each subject area (not including the methods). Some majors require more than 36 credit hours. To have a science major, students must select one licensure area. To have a social studies major, students must select two licensure areas in addition to historical perspectives.
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science with licensure areas in
    • Life Science Chemistry
    • Earth Space Science
  • Social Studies with licensure areas in
    • Historical Perspectives (required)
    • Economics
    • Government (Political Science)
    • Psychology
    • Sociology

Academic Bulletins

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