Bachelor of Science in Education

Secondary and K-12 Visual Arts

Required Courses for Social Studies Major

Social Studies

Candidates must take the required courses in three licensure areas: historical perspectives and two from government (political science), psychology, and sociology.

  • Licensure Areas
    • Economics 
      • ECON E103 Introduction to Microeconomics (3 cr.)
      • ECON E104 Introduction to Macroeconomics (3 cr.)
      • Select one of the following (3 cr.)
        • ECON E350 Money and Banking (3 cr.)
        • BUS G300 Introduction to Managerial Economics (3 cr.)
        • Advanced Economics Electives (300-400 level) (3 cr.)
    • Government
      • POLS Y103 Introduction to American Politics (3 cr.)
      • Select one of the following (3 cr.)
        • POLS Y360 United States Foreign Policy (3 cr.)
        • POLS Y372The Analysis of International Politics (3 cr.)
      • Select one of the following (3 cr.)
        • POLS Y307lndiana State Government and Politics(3 cr.)
        • POLS Y308 Urban Politics (3 cr.)
      • Select one of the following (3 cr.)
        • POLS Y318 The American Presidency (3 cr.)
        • POLS Y319 The United States Congress (3 cr.)
    • Psychology
      • PSY P101 Introductory Psychology I (3 cr.)
      • PSY P102 Introductory Psychology II (3 cr.)
      • Select two approved psychology electives (6 cr.)
    • Sociology
      • SOC S161 Principles of Sociology (3 cr.)
      • SOC S163 Social Problems (3 cr.)
      • SOC S362 World Societies and Cultures (3 cr.)
      • One approved sociology elective (3 cr.)
  • Historical Perspectives
    • A student who can demonstrate sufficient general knowledge of history may, with a history depart­ment recommendation to the education-licensing advisor, be allowed to substitute higher-level history courses for HIST H105 and HIST H106.
    • GEOG G110 Introduction to Human Geography (3 cr.)
    • HIST H106 American History II (3 cr.)
    • HIST A363 Survey of Indiana History (3 cr.)
    • One approved American History elective (3 cr.)
    • HIST H113 History of Western Civilization I (3 cr.)
    • HIST H114 History of Western Civilization II (3 cr.)
    • One course in Latin American or Middle Eastern history
    • One course (200-level or higher) in Asian/African History

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