General Studies Program

Previously Earned Credits

Credits Eligible for Transfer from Institutions Other than Indiana University

A maximum of 45 credit hours at an institution other than Indiana University can be applied to the A.A.G.S. degree, and a maximum of 90 credit hours to the B.G.S. degree, provided that grades are at least C. In order for transfer credit to be applied to any of the required areas of learning, courses taken must be equivalent in nature to those offered by Indiana University in these areas. Courses taken at another institution in which the student received the grade of C– or below will not be transferable for credit. In addition, there is a 64 credit hour maximum for courses applied toward the B.G.S. degree from community/associate's colleges.

Students who have been dismissed from another postsecondary institution cannot be admitted to the General Studies Degree Program until at least one calendar year has passed since the date of dismissal.

University regulations require that the admissions office indicate on the credit transfer report any deficiencies in grade point average (grade point average below 2.0 on a 4.0 scale) at another institution.

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