Distance Education

Learners who are unable to attend traditional campus classes can receive instruction from Indiana University because it makes course work available at home, in the workplace, and at other off-campus sites. Distance learners can take advantage of hundreds of courses available through independent study by correspondence and through a variety of video, audio, and computer technologies. It gives all students an opportunity to be more directly responsible for their learning activities, whether those activities take place at home or on campus, and whether students are pursuing a degree or certificate through the General Studies Degree Programs or personal, professional, or vocational enrichment. Such experience is invaluable, for it is essential that people learn to become successful self-learners if they are going to be the lifelong learners our complex society now requires for economic survival. IU's participation in the Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education continues a long tradition of service to learners throughout the state. Check with the division to review distance education offerings.

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