General Studies Program

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Credit for Self-Acquired Competencies (SAC)

The General Studies Degree Program recognizes that students do gain college-level knowledge and understanding through various life experiences that are equivalent to the subject matter of specific courses in the university curriculum or that may be recognized as general elective credit. Students who believe themselves eligible for such credit are encouraged to accelerate their college programs by discussing their background in detail with the General Studies Degree Program advisor.

In general, the following procedures and limitations govern the awarding of credit for self-acquired competencies:

  • A student must be admitted to the School of Continuing Studies, have completed 12 credit hours, and be in good standing before any credit for self-acquired competency is awarded.
  • A maximum of 15 hours of self-acquired competencies credit may be applied to the A.A.G.S. degree and a maximum of 30 credit hours to the B.G.S. degree.
  • Students seeking either general-elective or specific course credit for self-acquired competencies should first consult their General Studies Degree Program advisors about the feasibility of their applications for credit.
  • General credit is awarded as elective credit for college-level knowledge that cannot be equated to any specific course. The general self-acquired competency credit awarded is recorded as School of Continuing Studies SCS G299 or SCS G499 credit and is applied only in the fulfillment of the elective credits to be earned for a degree. In other words, the Continuing Studies Self-Acquired Competency Committee awards this general credit only if the learning of the student cannot be credited as a specific course, or courses, by other schools, divisions, or departments.
  • The student requesting credit for self-acquired competency will always do so in consultation with the General Studies Degree Program advisor and the chairperson of the campus SAC committee. Details on procedures to be followed will be furnished at the time the advisor and the student begin fitting the SAC activities into the student's plan of study.

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