The College of Arts and Sciences offers two Masters degree programs: a Master of Liberal Studies (M.L.S.) and a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling with a Specialization in Drug and Alcohol Counseling (M.S.C.C.).

Master of Science in Clinical Counseling with Specialization in Drug and Alcohol  Counseling

The Master of Science in Clinical Counseling with Specialization in Drug and Alcohol  Counseling (M.S.C.C.) program is designed for students who wish to prepare for careers and licensure in the field of addictions treatment. Drug and alcohol addictions remain one of the most vexing problems facing the region, the state, and society in general. The extent of addiction is horrific. Substance abuse is the nation's number one health problem. One in ten adult in the U.S. is currently addicted to alcohol or drugs and almost one-third of all adults will struggle with addictions at some point in their lives. While addictions are powerful and can have harmful consequences, they respond well to treatment. Unfortunately, there exists a shortage of therapists who are prepared with graduate-level knowledge and skills in addictions treatment. The M.S.C.C. Program is designed to provide this background. Students will gain basic knowledge about pharmacology, abnormal psychology, theories of addictions, and treatment options. Students will develop and practice counseling skills and learn how to evaluate treatment methods and techniques. Graduates will be able to work in this rewarding field and will be able to pursue licensure. 

Master of Liberal Studies

The Master of Liberal Studies (M.L.S.) program is unique. It does not provide a rigid schedule of courses or focus on one particular specialty. It is inherently interdisciplinary. It is designed for students who love to learn new ideas and discuss them with others. It is designed for students who are curious about the world – about art, literature, science, politics, human nature and history. It is for people who want to explore new worlds and who enjoy meeting others who want to join the expedition. It is designed for students who wish to combine several academic areas into one tailored degree program. Students select a sequence of graduate level courses to create their own path of study. It allows students to explore questions of enduring concern and contemporary urgency in the arts, humanities, behavioral sciences, social sciences, life sciences, and physical sciences. In doing so, the program provides students with opportunities to engage their curiosity in an intellectual exploration of the world of ideas. The rewards of the pursuit of knowledge go beyond intellectual satisfaction. Students will gain fresh perspectives and will hone the creative, critical thinking, decision making, analytical, and communication skills that are so valued in today’s workplace. Uniquely among graduate programs, the M.L.S. helps students understand the broader context of their ideas, path of study, and fields of work, learn to analyze problems from a variety of perspectives, will stimulate students to find connections between their studies and their personal and professional lives, and encourages a lifelong commitment to learning, free inquiry and the life of the mind.

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