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Transfer Credit Policy

Courses that were taken at other institutions and that appear similar in either title or objectiveto the 300- or 400-level (junior and senior) courses offered by the School of Business and Economics will be transferred as undistributed electives and will not be regarded as equivalent unless at least one of the following validation processes has been performed.

  1. Completion of a course review with documented evaluation of the content, level, method of instruction, objectives, etc., used in the course(s) being validated. The evaluation must be performed by an appropriate member of the school's faculty; or
  2. Successful completion of an examination based upon the material covered in that course offered by the school; or
  3. Satisfactory completion and documentation of a subsequent course offered by the school, provided that a significant prerequisite relationship between the courses can be demonstrated.
Courses in advanced business subjects, not open to freshmen and sophomores, which have been taken at two-year institutions in the freshman and sophomore years, will not be accepted as equivalents of the courses offered at Indiana University. Consult with the assistant to the director for appropriate validation processes.
Only credits earned at Indiana University will count toward a student's grade point average.

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