Master of Business Administration


The School of Business and Economics initiated graduate education in business with the establishment of the M.S.B.A. degree in 1969 and succeeded it in 1988 with the M.B.A. The program is for individuals who are employed in positions of responsibility within the business community and who are pursuing a graduate education concurrently with their employment. To serve these students, all graduate courses are offered in the evening. From its inception, the program has enjoyed a broad base of support and participation from the Northwestern Indiana business community.


The M.B.A. program focuses on teamwork and leadership and provides a professional education in business for students who possess the baccalaureate degree in any discipline. For most students, the M.B.A. is a terminal professional degree designed to enhance their performance in present and future managerial positions. Increasingly, individuals employed in non-business fields have used the M.B.A. program to broaden their academic training and enhance their prospects for a career in business.


The general program objectives are (1) to further the initiative and creativity of each candidate and thereby develop the individual's potentialities to the highest level and (2) to enhance the candidate's mobility within the corporate environment.

Specific program objectives:

  • To provide a broad foundation in both the theory and tools required for modern managerial decision making.
  • To develop within the student a better understanding of business and the environment in which managerial decisions are operational.
  • To enhance the student's ability to effectively lead and manage teams.
  • To create an awareness of and to provide the background for analyzing and controlling the complex interrelationships in administrative policy decisions.
  • To afford the student an opportunity to develop in- depth knowledge in subject matter beyond the minimum level of competence.

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