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Requirements for a Second Bachelor's Degree

The School of Business and Economics offers to holders of a bachelor's degree in fields other than business a second bachelor's degree in business. The requirements are identical to the requirements for the bachelor's degree in business (see succeeding pages).

The candidate may, of course, be exempted from any of those requirements already fulfilled in acquiring the first bachelor's degree.

Normally, the holder of a bachelor's degree who wishes to pursue further education is encouraged to become qualified for admission to graduate study. In certain cases, however, a student may be admitted to candidacy for a second bachelor's degree. When such admission is granted, candidates must earn at least 30 additional credit hours in residence and meet the requirements of the School of Business and Economics and of the concentration in which they are candidates.

At least 50 percent of the business courses required for a business degree must be earned at Indiana University. Students who have been awarded the B.S. in Business degree at Indiana University may register as special students to meet the requirements of another concentration but cannot be certified for the degree a second time.

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