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Indiana University Program

Credit earned in overseas study programs sponsored by Indiana University or participated in by Indiana University on a consortium basis is considered Indiana University credit, not transfer credit. Consequently, university scholarships and loans are applicable to fees for these programs. Credit usually satisfies Indiana University degree requirements and meets the senior residency requirement. Programs are not restricted to language majors. Indiana University's programs include academic year programs in Bologna (Italy), Canterbury (Britain), Hamburg (Germany), Jerusalem (Israel), Lima (Peru), Madrid (Spain), Nagoya (Japan), Paris (France), Sâo Paulo (Brazil), Seoul (South Korea), Aix-en-Provence (France), and Zomba (Malawi); semester programs in Beijing (China), Belize, Hangzhou (China), Leiden (Netherlands), St. Petersburg (Russia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), London (Britain), Maastrict (Netherlands), Moscow (Russia), Rennes (France), Rome (Italy), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Seville (Spain), and Singapore; summer programs in Costa Rica, Dijon (France), Florence (Italy), Graz (Austria), Guanajuato (Mexico), St. Petersburg (Russia), Quebec (Canada), Salamanca (Spain), and Mexico City (Mexico).

Other Study-Abroad Programs

Overseas study programs sponsored by institutions and organizations other than Indiana University are of varying quality. University policy on the acceptability of transfer credit from such programs is as follows:

  • Transfer credit will be granted in accordance with usual Indiana University policy for credit earned in programs administered by a regionally accredited U.S. college or university or by a foreign institution that is recognized by the Ministry of Education of the country as a university-level institution.
  • Transfer credit will similarly be granted for university-level course work completed at institutions or agencies that have been officially evaluated by Indiana University.
  • Transfer credits may in certain cases be granted for university-level course work completed at nonaccredited overseas institutions and agencies that have not been evaluated by Indiana University but for which an academic record with grades is issued, but the maximum quantity will be 1 Indiana University credit hour for each 2 credit hours (or the equivalent) appearing on the transcript of the institution or agency. In many cases, despite the issuance of a transcript, no transcript credit will be granted.
  • No credit will be granted for work completed in programs for which no grades or transcripts are issued.

Other Policies

  • In all transfer cases, the quantity of credit awarded by Indiana University will never exceed the number of credit hours that can be earned at an Indiana University campus in the same amount of time.
  • Many courses completed in study abroad programs fall into a sequential pattern among Indiana University departmental offerings. In all cases where sequential-type courses are involved, the respective academic departments may at their discretion require examinations before any transfer is granted.
  • In order to avoid misunderstanding, students who plan to participate in overseas study programs that are not sponsored by Indiana University are strongly urged to consult their major departments or schools before making any commitment.
  • None of the preceding affects in any way the procedures for establishing credit by examination outlined in this bulletin.

For further information, contact the campus international programs coordinator in the Department of Modern Languages.

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