Degree Programs:

School of Sciences

Pre-Clinical Lab Science track

Students interested in this program should enroll in the B.S. in Biological and Physical Sciences at IU Kokomo. By selecting appropriate elective courses, students can then complete the admission requirements for these degree programs available on other campuses. Students are advised to consult with their academic advisors, faculty members, and appropriate program websites regarding admission requirements including courses, required grades and other admission requirements. 

Students must complete:

In addition, student must be complete the following courses as part of the pre-clinical lab science track:

  • BIOL-L 121 Biology 1 (5 cr.)*
  • BIOL-L 211/213 Molecular Biology and Lab (5 cr.)
  • BIOL-L 321 Human Immunology (3 cr.)
  • BIOL-L 364 Principles of Genetics (3 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 105/125 Principles of Chemistry I with lab (5 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 106/126 Principles of Chemistry II with lab (5 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 310/311 Analytical Chemistry with lab (5 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 341/343 Organic Chemistry I with lab (5 cr.)
  • ENG-W 221 Writing in the Disciplines or 231 Professional Writing Skills (3 cr.)
  • MICR-M 310/315 Principles of Microbiology with lab (5 cr.)
  • SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking (3 cr.)*

*Meets IU Kokomo general education requirements


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