Degree Programs:

School of Sciences

Science and Technology Minor

To obtain a minor in science and technology students must take the following: (A minimum of C- is required in all courses taken for the minor)

Take one of the following courses (4 cr.) 

  • Computing:  INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics (4 cr.) or
    • CSCI-B 100 Problem Solving Using Computers (4 cr.) 

Take a minimum of four of the following courses (from at least four different disciplines), with a minimum of three courses with a lab (18-20 cr.).  Two of the courses below (one with a lab) can be used to meet the Scientific Ways of Knowing of the General Education curriculum.  

  • Astronomy: AST-A 110 Introduction to Astronomy (3 cr.)
  • Biology: BIOL-L100 Humans and the Biological World (5 cr.) with lab or
    • BIOL-L 121 Biology 1 (5 cr.) with lab
  • Chemistry: CHEM-C 100/C 120 The World of Chemistry (5 cr.) with lab or
    • CHEM-C 109/129 Intro Chemistry for Health and Nursing (5 cr.) with lab
  • Geology/physical geography: GEOL-G 107 Physical Systems of the Environment (3 cr.) or
    • GEOL-G 100 General Geology (5 cr.) with lab or
    • GEOL-G 133 Geology of the United States (5 cr.) with lab
  • Physics: PHYS-P 100 Physics in the Modern World (5 cr.) with lab

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