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Health Education and Promotion Concentration Minor

The purpose of the Health Education and Promotion minor is to provide students with the foundational knowledge to: (a) assess health needs and resources, (b) plan, implement, and evaluate individual, community, and state/country health programs and policies in various health promotion settings, such as schools, public or community health, healthcare, and workplaces, and (c) understand the role of a health educator in our healthcare and health services system.

Those who are eligible and interested in non-clinical areas of healthcare, such as public health and community (e.g., social, mental, and public) health, can enroll in this minor to explore the knowledge and skills required of health professionals and educators in those areas. Students beginning in clinical areas of healthcare may choose to supplement their education with a minor in Health Education and Promotion.

The minor is open to any current IU Kokomo student who has a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. It is also open to graduates and community members who have a B.A. or B.S. degree with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. For successful completion of the minor, students must attain a C in each required and elective course. Students must earn a minimum of 18 credits (9 credit hours from required courses; at least 9 credit hours from listed elective courses).

It is the student’s responsibility to consult their school/unit to determine the suitability and practicality of the minor. This minor is not available to Health Sciences students who have a concentration in Health Education and Promotion.

Minor Requirements:
Required Courses
  • HSCI-H 325 Foundations of Health Education (3 cr.)
  • HSCI-H 327 Introduction to Community Health (3 cr.)
  • HSCI-H 333 Cultural Competence in Health Education and Promotion (3 cr.)
Elective Courses: (at least 3 from the following list)
  • HSCI-H 255 Human Sexuality (cr. 3)
  • HSCI-H 322 Epidemiology and Biostatistics (cr. 3)
  • HSCI-H 331 Environmental Health (cr. 3)
  • HSCI-H 364 Stress Management in the Health Professions (cr. 3)
  • HSCI-H 411 Promoting Health Behavior (cr. 3)
  • HSCI-H 415 Global Child and Adolescent Health (cr. 3)
  • HSCI-H 434 Diseases of Diverse Populations (cr. 3)
  • HSCI-H 477 Health Program Planning (cr. 3)
  • Other relevant Health Sciences-Health Education and Promotion concentration-based electives might be considered/approved for the minor. Please consult with Health Sciences advisors, Dean of Sciences, and Health Sciences/Health Education and Promotion faculty about qualifying courses.

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