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School of Sciences

Environmental and Earth Sciences Minor

To complete an Environmental and Earth Sciences Minor, students must complete a minimum of nineteen (19) credit hours in geology, geography, biology, chemistry, and physics with a minimum grade of C in each course. The first eight to ten (8 to 10) credit hours are prescribed (GEOL-G 100 and a choice of either GEOG-G 107 or GEOL-G 133) and form the foundation of the higher-level courses in Geology and Geography. In addition, students must complete at least three (3) credit hours of upper-level course work outside of geology and geography. Finally, students must complete a minimum of two additional geology or geography electives chosen from the list of elective courses below. Students must take all the necessary pre-requisites before enrolling in courses for the minor. 

Students must select a minimum of one course from the following list:

  • BIOL-L 473 Ecology (3 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 300 Energy and Green Chemistry - A Natural Science Perspective (3 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 351 Green Chemistry and Sustainability Sciences (4 cr.)
  • PHYS-P 310. Environmental Physics.
  • SUST-S 305 Topics in Environmental Chemistry (3 cr.)

Finally, students must select two or more courses from the following list to complete the 19-credit hour minimum requirement:

  • GEOL-G 300 Environmental Geology and Urban Geology (3 cr.)
  • GEOG-G 315 Environmental Conservation (3 cr.)
  • GEOL-G 400 Energy: Sources and Needs (3 cr.)
  • GEOL-G 421 United States Geology: Field Experience (1 to 5 cr.).
  • GEOL-T 312 Geology of Indiana (3 cr.)
  • GEOL-T 326 Geology of Mineral Resources (3 cr.)

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