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Coaching Minor

The Coaching Minor at IU Kokomo is designed for students who are interested in coaching youth, adolescent, or adult athletes. The goal of the minor is to provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical skills to engage in coaching following their IU Kokomo degree completion.

The minor is open to any current IU Kokomo student who has a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. It is also open to graduates and community members who have a B.A. or B.S. degree with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. For successful completion of the minor, students must attain a C in each required course.

It is the student’s responsibility to consult their school/unit to determine the suitability and practicality of the minor.

Minor Requirements (15 credit hours)

  • HSCI-H 344 Strength Training & Conditioning (3 cr.) or HSCI-E 340 Physical Fitness Appraisals (3 cr.) 
  • HSCI-H 360 Philosophical Foundations of Coaching (3 cr.)
  • HSCI-H 405 Introduction to Sport Psychology (3 cr.)
  • HSCI-H 485 Practicum in Coaching (1-6 cr.)
  • HSCI-H 452 (3 cr.) Motor Learning (3 cr.)**

**Students not meeting the pre-requisites courses for Motor Learning should contact the Health Sciences Coordinator for permission to enroll in the course


Assessment of the Coaching Minor curriculum will be conducted through course-embedded assessment tools such as practice activities, development of training plans, and course exams. A portfolio will be required in this minor to document knowledge of theory and techniques of coaching in the student’s sport of choice practicum. Students must attain a 2.0 GPA in the minor overall. Students must complete the practicum with a satisfactory evaluation by the practicum supervisor. Note that the practicum experiences can range from grades K – 12 to assistant coaching at the collegiate level; in a club setting such as swimming, soccer, or basketball youth association; or at a recreational level, such as youth baseball or softball.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to check with their school/degree unit to determine whether this minor may be officially recorded on the transcript. The various schools on the IU Campuses may limit the number of hours outside their school that will count toward a degree. Students should check with an advisor for information about policies.

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