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School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology (MIT)

The medical imaging technologist is a skilled radiographer qualified to provide diagnostic imaging services in advanced modalities.  Effective medical imaging technologists utilize principles of patient care, imaging safety, and physics to obtain diagnostic images.

The IU Kokomo B.S. MIT degree offers clinical concentrations in the fields of computed tomography (CT), echocardiography (ECHO), mammography with Breast Ultrasound (M), magnetic resonance imaging (MR), sonography (S) and a non-clinical concentration in PACS/Radiology Management. Students must choose a concentration of focus to complete this degree.  Students enrolled in the IUK B.S. MIT degree with a clinical concentration are required to attend full-time.  Students in a non-clinical concentration can attend less than full-time. Each concentration curriculum is tailored to meet the requirements set by the credentialing bodies, professional societies, and needs of the field.

Graduates earning a Bachelor of Science Medical Imaging Technology degree are eligible to take certification examinations from credentialing bodies such as the ARRT, ARDMS, ABMRS, PARCA, and MRSO, depending on their major area of concentration.  The graduates’ transcripts will identify the chosen concentration for eligibility to apply for national certification examinations. The graduate will earn 34 to 35 credit hours depending on the concentration.  IU Kokomo offers ARRT primary pathway opportunities for MRI and Sonography.  The IUK MIT program has been granted structured education credit for CT and Mammography students to qualify for the certification examination. Additional to the ARRT sonography exam, sonography students are eligible to take the ARDMS physics and general abdomen examinations. 

Special Credit Hours

Students with both a primary and post-primary certification (i.e., Radiography and CT) are eligible for up to 12 special credit hours.  Special credit hours cannot be used toward the 30 in-residence IU hours. 

Degree Requirements

To graduate with the B.S. Medical Imaging Technology degree, students must:

  • Complete a total of 120 semester credit hours at a grade of C (2.0) or above in general education, MIT prerequisite courses, and MIT core courses
  • Complete all clinical requirements and competencies.
  • Satisfy all financial obligations to Indiana University.
  • Completed 50-professional development points.

Credentialing Eligibility Requirements

All degree requirements must be met before qualified faculty can verify the graduate’s national certification application. 

IUK Medical Imaging Technology Program Outcomes

  • To provide medical imaging technology students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills needed for an entry-level position in an advanced imaging modality.
  • To provide medical imaging technology students the opportunity to demonstrate professionalism.
  • Tor provide medical imaging technology students with opportunities to critically think through problems.
  • To provide medical imaging technology students the opportunity to effectively communicate as future healthcare leaders.

IUK MIT Program Eligibility Requirements

The IUK MIT program has limited enrollment based on clinical sites willing to host students. Applications to the program and/or completion of the general education and program prerequisite course do not guarantee admission into the professional portion of the program. 

Students with a medical imaging background such as radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, etc., to be eligible for admission to the IUK MIT program, must:

  1. Have completed or will complete an accredited A.S. Radiography program.
  2. Have taken or be eligible to take the ARRT radiography national certification examination.
  3. Have completed or will complete a minimum of 90 credit hours, including program prerequisite courses.

Students with an allied health occupation such as medical assistant, occupational therapy assistant, etc to be eligible for admission to the IUK MIT program in the concentrations of MRI or Ultrasound must:

  1. Obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited allied health education program that is patient-care related. 
  2. The allied health program must have had a minimum of 120 (3 cr.) direct contact clinical hours built in the program.  Additionally, the university transcript must clearly state a clinical practicum component (internship/externship).

IUK MIT Program Application Process

Students must apply by December 1st of the year prior to beginning the program

  1. Apply and be accepted to Indiana University Kokomo
  2. Meet with an IU Kokomo academic advisor prior to submitting the online application.
  3. Submit a Medical Imaging Technology Application using the online form found on the website. The application will require the following information:
    1. General information: name, address, phone number, email, etc.
    2. Prepare a Word Document- Questionnaire
      • Describe your reasons for pursuing the chosen modality
      • How will this degree help you contribute to the profession?
      • Describe your strengths and weaknesses.
      • How will you overcome your weaknesses to successfully complete an accelerated program?
    3. Prepare a Word Document – Resume
      • Previous Education. List all universities/colleges that courses were taken at, even one or two classes. Include the semester/year.
      • Previous healthcare-related experiences.
      • Professional activities for which you participated.

 Medical Imaging Technology Core Courses - Total Program 30 credit hours

  • AHLT-R 405 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging I (3 cr.) or
  • AHLT-R 406 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging II (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 407 Seminar: Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 409 Senior Project in Medical Imaging (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 411 Orientation to Medical Imaging Technology (2 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 472 Multiplanar Anatomy and Pathology I (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 473 Multiplanar Anatomy and Pathology 2 (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 485 Clinical Practicum: Variable Topics (4 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 490 Independent Study in Medical Imaging Technology (1-6 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 493 Ultrasound Physics & Instrumentation (3 cr.)

Clinical Practicum Courses - per the students chosen modality

  • AHLT-R 481 Clinical Practicum: Vascular Imaging (12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 482 Clinical Practicum: Computed Tomography (12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 483 Clinical Practicum: Magnetic Resonance (12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 484 Clinical Practicum: Ultrasound Imaging (12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 486 Clinical Practicum: Mammography/Breast Ultrasound (12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 487 Clinical Practicum: Echocardiography (12 cr.)

Note: PACS/Radiology Management students will complete 12 credit hours of qualified electives.  Students in this concentration should meet with their academic advisor for curriculum planning

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