Degree Programs:

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of English and Language Studies

Professional Writing Minor

To be successful in today’s digital workplace, writers must be masters of many genres: memos, emails, proposals, reports, multimodal presentations, and a wide variety of digital media. They must also be able to shift their focus efficiently and effectively–writing for different audiences and adapting information and research accordingly–and capable of researching, summarizing, and reporting on complex ideas in ways that are understandable by diverse audiences. The PWM is a 15-credit-hour minor that provides students with the skills necessary to write effectively for the workplace, for the web, and for advanced study in graduate and professional school. Students take three core courses and two electives from the list below. All courses are three credit hours unless otherwise noted.  

Core Courses: (required) 9 cr.

  • ENG-W 231 Professional Writing Skills (3 cr.) 
  • ENG-W 315 Writing for the Web (3 cr.) 
  • ENG-W 365 Technical Editing (3 cr.) 

Electives: (choose 2) 6 cr. 

  • ENG-W 210 Literacy and Public Life (3 cr.) 
  • ENG-W 215 Introduction to Rhetoric (3 cr.) 
  • ENG-W 350 Advanced Expository Writing (3 cr.) 
  • ENG-W 398 Internship in Writing (3 cr.)*  

*Internship must be three credit hours if taken as an elective for the PWM.  

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