Degree Programs:

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of English and Language Studies

Literature Minor

Students in the Literature Minor will delve into a variety of literatures in myriad forms including novels, poetry, film, and drama, and from different temporalities and cultures. Through careful textual analysis and engagement with secondary sources, students will garner skills in critical thinking and analysis, problem solving, research, and presenting across a range of modalities. 

The minor consists of 15 credit hours in literature, including 

  1. ENG-L 202 Literary Interpretation (3 cr.)
  2. One of the following: ENG-E 301, ENG-E 302, ENG- E 303, ENG-E 304 (3 cr.)
  3. Three 3-credit-hour, 200- to 400-level ENG-L or ENG-E courses
  4. At least one elective course must be taken at the 300 level.

At least 9 credit hours of the above courses must be taken at IU Kokomo. 

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