Degree Programs:

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of English and Language Studies

Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Track

BA in English: Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Track (36 credit hours total)  

The Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Track introduces students to the discipline of writing studies and provides a strong foundation in professional writing and editing, rhetorical theory, and digital ways of knowing, making, and doing. The track is flexibly designed so that students can shape their coursework to their interests and career goals, while developing essential skills in rhetoric, writing, and digital media that translate to both the public sphere and a wide array of careers in the knowledge economy. Potential careers and post-graduate opportunities include professional writing, technical writing and editing, freelance writing, grant writing, law, education, journalism, digital media and marketing, public affairs, publishing, non-profit work, government, and graduate studies in rhetoric and composition studies and communication.  

1.  Core Courses: (take 3 courses for 9 credit hours total)

a. ENG-L 371 Critical Practices

b. ENG-L 495 Senior Seminar

c. ENG-W 210 Literacy and Public Life

2. Concentration Core: (choose 5 courses for 15 credit hours total)

  1. Rhetoric & Culture (Choose 1 course)
    1. ENG-R 210 Intro to Digital Rhetoric(3 cr.) 
    2. ENG-R 305 Rhetorical Criticism (3 cr.) 
    3. ENG-W 215 Intro to Rhetoric (3 cr.)
  2. Style & Editing (Choose 1 course) 
    1. ENG-W 350 Advanced Expository Writing (3 cr.)
    2. ENG-W 365 Technical Editing (3 cr.)
  3. Writing Experience (Choose 3 courses) 
    1. ENG-W 231 Professional Writing (3 cr.)
    2. ENG-W 301 Fiction Writing (3 cr.)
    3. ENG-W 302 Screenwriting (3 cr.)
    4. ENG-W 311 Writing Creative Nonfiction (3 cr.)
    5. ENG-W 315 Writing for the Web (3 cr.)
    6. ENG-W 321 Advanced Technical Writing (3 cr.)
    7. ENG-W 400 Teaching Writing (3 cr.)

3.  Concentration Elective: (Choose 1 course from category 2a, 2b, or 2c not previously taken for 3 credit hours total)

4.  History of the Language: (Choose 1 course for 3 credit hours total) 

  1. ENG-G 301 History of the English Language  (3 cr.)

5.  English Experience: (choose 2 courses for 6 credit hours total.  Both courses must be at the 200-level or above)  6 cr.

  1. ENG-L prefix course 
  2. ENG-W prefix course 



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