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School of Business

Bachelor of Science in Business

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Business consists of five parts: (1) general education requirements, (2) pre-business courses, (3) business core courses, (4) major courses, and (5) general electives.

1.  General Education Requirements  (30-36 cr.)

Indiana University Kokomo requires all students to complete the campus general education curriculum. This typically requires 30-36 credit hours. Many of the BSB requirements also satisfy general education requirements.

The following is a list of core requirements for all business students, regardless of major.  General education courses are listed in this bulletin: academic-regulations/general-education.  All general education courses in the Business major must be completed with a C- or better but require a 2.0 GPA overall in Gen Ed.

a.  Written Communication (3 cr.)
  • ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition I (3 cr.)

b.  Speaking and Listening (3 cr.)

  • SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking (3 cr.)

c.  Quantitative Reasoning (6 cr.) 

  • MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics (3 cr.)
  • ECON-E 270 Statistical Theory in Economics and Business (3 cr.)

d.  Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing (6 cr.)

  • PSY-P 103 General Psychology (3 cr.)
  • See an undergraduate advisor for a list of approved courses.

e.  Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing ( 6 cr.)

  • See an undergraduate advisor for a list of approved courses.
f. Scientific Ways of Knowing (8 cr.)
  • See an undergraduate advisor for a list of approved courses.

g.  Ethically Responsible Citizen (ERC)

  • Fulfilled by selecting two approved courses within the three "Ways of Knowing" categories above.
  • See an undergraduate advisor for a list of approved courses.

2. Pre-Business Courses (38 cr.)

Students are required to complete the following courses to apply for admission into the School of Business. A minimum grade of C and overall G.P.A. of 2.0 (C) are required for all Pre-Business Courses for admission and graduation.  Many junior and senior-level courses require that a student be admitted into the School of Business before they can register. The application requirements and deadlines are detailed in the Policies Governing the BSB Degree.

  • BUS-A 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3 cr.)
  • BUS-A 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3 cr.)
  • BUS-L 201 The Legal Environment of Business (3 cr.)
  • BUS-W 100 Introduction to Business (3 cr.)
  • BUS-X 107 Freshman Seminar (3 cr.)
  • BUS-X 220 Career Perspectives (2 cr.)
  • ECON-E 201 Introduction to Microeconomics (3 cr.)
  • ECON-E 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics (3 cr.)
  • ECON-E 270 Introduction to Statistical Theory (3 cr.)
  • ENG-W 131 English Composition I (3 cr.)
  • MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics (3 cr.) 
  • PSY-P 103 Introduction to Psychology (3 cr.)
  • SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking (3 cr.)

3.  Business Core Courses (31 cr.) - For graduation, a minimum grade of C and overall G.P.A. of 2.0 (C) are required for all courses listed below.

  • BUS-D 301 The International Business Environment (3 cr.)
  • BUS-F 301 Financial Management (3 cr.)
  • BUS-J 401 Administration Policy (3 cr.)
  • BUS-J 404 Business and Society (3 cr.)
  • BUS-K 321 Management of Information Technology (3 cr.)
  • BUS-K 353 Business Analytics and Modeling (3 cr.)
  • BUS-M 301 Introduction to Marketing Management (3 cr.)
  • BUS-P 301 Operations Management (3 cr.)
  • BUS-X 410 Career Planning and Placement (1 cr.)
  • BUS-Z 302 Managing and Behavior in Business (3 cr.)
  • Satisfy the Applied Learning Requirement by completing at least one of the following: an internship, registering for BUS-X 487 or participating in a School of Business sponsored international trip.

4.  Business Major Courses

Students pursuing a BSB must declare a major when they are admitted to the School of Business. Some students choose to complete the requirements for multiple majors. Please note that the School of Business cannot avoid some scheduling conflicts between courses in multiple majors, therefore a student may not be able to complete the requirements for more than one major within four years. Click on the BSB majors to see the course requirements:

5.  General Electives

The BSB degree completion requires 120 credit hours. Students may choose courses throughout the university to fulfill the 120 credit hours.

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