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Bachelor of Science in Data Science – Collaborative Online Degree Program

In the Information Age, enormous amounts of data are generated every day in a range of areas, including social media, search engines, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, hospitals, defense, and retail. Data science is now a rapidly growing, high-paying field.   

As a student in the IU Online B.S. in Data Science, you collect, organize, and analyze data to make meaningful conclusions. You write programs to perform data analysis on large, complex datasets. You evaluate the social, legal, and ethical issues that arise from the mass collection of data.   

Specific areas of focus include:  

  • Data acquisition and storage 
  • Data exploration and curation 
  • Data modeling and analysis 
  • Data visualization and presentation 
  • Data ethics and governance  

Your IU Online BS in Data Science prepares you for such careers as:   

  • Business intelligence analyst  
  • Data mining engineer  
  • Data architect  
  • Data scientist  
  • Analytics manager  
  • Research analyst   
  • Information officer   

This 100 percent online, consortial program is taught by IU East, IUPUI, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, IU South Bend, and IU Southeast. This consortial model allows you to take coursework from several campuses and learn from a wide range of faculty.  

Degree Requirements   

To earn the B.S. in Data Science, you must complete 120 credit hours.  

Requirements are broken down as follows:   

  • Data science core courses, including capstone course (33 credit hours) 
  • Professional communication courses (6 credit hours) 
  • Computer science courses (11 credit hours) 
  • Mathematics courses (9 credit hours) 
  • Statistics courses (9 credit hours) 
  • General education courses and electives, as needed to reach 120 credit hours  

Student Services  

IU Online provides quick and easy access to tools, tips, and IU resources to help you succeed, including:  

  • Admissions: Personalized application support for the program that is right for you 
  • Onboarding: An interactive orientation to online learning and all things IU 
  • Student Financial Services: Tailored resources for financial aid and money management 
  • Success Coaching: One-on-one support to reach your academic and personal goals 
  • Math and Writing Support: Direct access to IU-trained math mentors and writing consultants 
  • Career Services: Interactive tools and coaching to accelerate your career 
  • Libraries and Research: Online access to IU library resources and research librarians 
  • Technology: A full suite of software, collaboration tools, cloud storage, and training 
  • 24/7 Contact Center: Real-time chat, email, and phone support direct from IU  

Admission requirements vary by campus. 

Core Courses

  • CSCI-N 211 Introduction to Database* (3 cr.) 
    • *This course may be substituted with CSCI-A 213: Database Applications. 
  • CSCI-N 311 Database Programming, Oracle* (3 cr.)
    • *This course may be substituted with CSCI-C 442: Database Systems, INFO-I 308: Information Representation, or CSCI-B 461: Database Concepts. 
  • CSCI-N 317 Computation for Scientific Applications (3 cr.) 
  • INFO-I 233 Data Fluency (3 cr.) 
  • INFO-I 416 Applied Cloud Computing for Data Intensive Sciences (3 cr.) 
  • INFO-I 421 Applications of Data Mining (3 cr.) 
  • INFO-I 453 Computer and Information Ethics (3 cr.) 
  • INFO-I 490 Professional Practicum/Internship* (3 cr.) 
    • *This course may be substituted with INFO-I 491: Capstone. 
  • NEWM-N 328 Visualizing Information (3 cr.) 
  • PBHL-B 352 Fundamentals of Data Management (3 cr.) 

Tuition & Fees 

Cost for Indiana Residents  
Per Credit Hour 
  • Tuition: $250.00 
3 Credit Hours 
  • Tuition: $750.00 
Cost for Out of State Residents  
Per Credit Hour 
  • Tuition: $350.00 
3 Credit Hours 
  • Tuition: $1050.00 
Note: Additional fees will apply. 

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