Special Programs

Overseas Study Program

Donna McLean, Coordinator

IU Kokomo students are eligible to participate in Indiana University’s overseas study programs offered at a number of universities including the Kokomo campus. Most credits earned in these programs are considered Indiana University credits, not transfer credits; however, dependent on the course of study selected, some of the courses offered may earn transfer credits. When students enroll in IU programs, they will discover that most university scholarships and loans are applicable to the fees for these programs. Credit usually satisfies Indiana University degree requirements and generally meets the residence requirements. Programs are not restricted to language majors. In fact, there are a broad range of courses offered in multiple schools, geared to meeting varied student interests. Undergraduate students, particularly liberal arts majors, are encouraged to explore the possibilities of experiencing a semester or an academic year at a university in another country.

Overseas Programs
IU administered and IU co-sponsored programs include the following:

  1. One year of college-level language (College of Arts and Sciences language requirement) or the equivalent.
  2. Two years of college-level language or the equivalent.
  3. Three years of college-level language or the equivalent.
Academic-Year Programs:
• Bologna, Italy
• Canterbury, England
• Legon, Ghana
• Hamburg, Germany
• Jerusalem, Israel
• Madrid, Spain
• Nagoya, Japan
• Nanjing, People’s Republic of China
• Paris, France (critical studies, film studies)
• San Jose, Costa Rica
• São Paulo, Brazil
• Strasbourg, France

Semester Programs:
• Adelaide, Australia
• Alicante, Spain
• Athens, Greece
• Beijing, People’s Republic of China
• Budapest, Hungary
• Canberra, Australia
• Costa Rica (tropical biology)
• Freiburg, Germany
• Leiden, The Netherlands (Public and Environmental Affairs)
• London, England
• Maastricht, The Netherlands (business)
• Madrid, Spain
• Paris, France
• Prague, Czech Republic
• Rennes, France
• Rotterdam, The Netherlands (public and environmental affairs)
• Rouen, France (business)
• Santiago, Chile
• Santiago, Chile (business)
• Seoul, South Korea
• Seville, Spain (language, liberal arts)
• Singapore (business)
• St. Petersburg, Russia
• Tokyo, Japan
• Wollongong, Australia

Summer Language Programs:
• Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
• Florence, Italy
• Graz, Austria
• Guanajuato, Mexico
• London, England
• Maastricht, The Netherlands (business)
• Mexico City, Mexico
• Mikkeli, Finland (business)
• Oldenburg, Germany
• Paris, France
• Quebec, Canada
• Salamanca, Spain
• St. Petersburg, Russia

Shorter Travel Options:
Annually, short term travel options may be included within a regular course offered at IU Kokomo. In the past, students have traveled on trips of 14 days or less to England, Guatemala, France, Ireland, South Korea, Italy, Spain and Turkey. Courses offering such travel have ranged from the Hispanic Culture and Health Care Practicum (Guatemala), to courses on Irish, British and Italian culture, to courses in art history in Italy or France, to a course on Irish drama, or a Korean Health Care Practicum, among others. These courses are announced in the spring or fall prior to travel and students often engage in fundraising and other preparations in advance of actual enrollment.

In addition, IU Kokomo students are eligible to participate in any of a large number of foreign study programs administered by other U.S. colleges and universities.

Students interested in overseas study are advised to start planning as far ahead as possible in order to facilitate their choices and ease preparations. For further information, please consult the IU Kokomo Overseas Studies coordinator, Donna McLean, (765) 455-9442 or by e-mail at: domclean@iuk.edu.

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