Credit By Examination

Students who believe they are proficient in a subject area may seek to earn credit by taking a written “end-of-course” or comprehensive examination in that subject. Arrangements to sit for the examination must be made with the appropriate academic division chairperson. A $5 administration fee must be paid at the Bursar’s Office prior to taking the examination. A grade of C or above will earn the appropriate number of satisfactory (S) credit hours for the course. No credit will be given for a grade below C. 

  1. If Special Credit is given for credentials or experience, a flat per-hour rate of $20.00 is assessed with a ceiling of 5 hours per class.
  2. If by Exam

1)    And taken within the first two semesters following matriculation, there is no charge.

2)    And taken within the first semester as a transfer student, the same hourly flat rate

(A) applies.

  1. For all others, student pays the full instructional credit rate of resident or non-resident. Students will pay the hourly rate in effect at the time they make payment at the Office of the Bursar.

NOTE: Special credit forms are good for six months from date of issue.


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