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General Studies Degree Program

Candy Thompson, Director, General Studies Coordinator, Distance Education and Grant Administration

The General Studies degree is designed with the aim of providing nontraditional scheduling options for returning and adult students in North Central Indiana. Higher-education degree opportunities are offered through a variety of learning options including hybrid and accelerated courses through the ACCELerated Evening College and 100% online distance education courses.

General Studies Degree Programs
The General Studies Degree Program where students earn a Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) offers the opportunity of a college education to those who have been prevented from beginning or Completing college coursework in a traditional degree program because of work schedules, domestic responsibilities, or logistical problems. The program enables students to complete a degree in general studies at their own pace. Course work consists of a core of arts and sciences courses - humanities, social and behavioral sciences, mathematics, and sciences - and a wide range of electives. Requirements toward a degree may be completed in a variety of ways, allowing students to design a flexible program of study that is tailored to their backgrounds and needs. The program accepts course work earned by the following:
  1. Regular session courses completed at any Indiana University campus
  2. Evening courses, television courses, and distance education courses
  3. Independent study by correspondence
  4. Course work done at other accredited institutions
In addition, students may complete requirements through:
  1. Credit by examination
  2. Educational programs in non-collegiate organizations
  3. Credit for self-acquired competency
  4. Military service credit

A separate, more detailed bulletin is available from the office of General Studies, Indiana University Kokomo. Call (765) 455-9426 for more information or to receive a detailed bulletin.

Applicants who have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent during the three years preceding their application and who have pursued academic work at another accredited college or university are normally required to meet admission criteria established by the admissions office of the campus to which they apply. Complete admission policies and procedures are contained in the Indiana University Kokomo Bulletin.

Degree Requirements
The B.G.S. degree consists of two parts: (1) course work that must be done in broad categories called “required areas of learning” and (2) course work called “elective credit” that can be done in any school, division, or program of the university. The three required areas of learning are (1) arts and humanities, (2) science and mathematics, and (3) social and behavioral sciences. These requirements are designed to provide the student with a broad exposure to the humanities and the sciences. The electives permit students to explore other areas of interest and to tailor the degree to their individual needs.

Fundamental Skills Degree Requirements
In the plan of study for B.G.S. degree, students must meet fundamental skills requirements that demonstrate college-level competency in each of the following areas: written communication, oral communication, quantitative reasoning, computer literacy, and diversity. Acceptable grades for courses meeting basic competency requirements must be consistent with the requirements of the campus. Students should consult with their advisor to determine which courses fulfill basic competency requirements.

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