School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities

Associate Professors: Cameron, Darr, Jones, McLean, Sciame-Giesecke, White
Assistant Professors: Alnusair, Cook, Deerly, Douglas, Keener, Mosley, Steel
Senior Lecturers: Ison, Pico-Argel, Snoddy, Stouse, Taff
Lecturers: Kaiser, Provost

The IU Kokomo Department of Humanities promotes personal and professional growth through degree programs, general education courses, research, and service providing people in our region and beyond with abilities in expression, critical thinking and critical awareness and appreciation of culture and diversity to make them effective, enlightened citizens. Ranging from traditional areas such as philosophy, sculpture, painting, music, language and literature, to more recent fields such as communication studies, graphic design, and web design, we offer a wide variety of areas of study.


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Certificate Programs


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