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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree offers students the most extensive study in the fine arts. With over 60 hours in studio art and 30 hours in studio art at the 300 level or above, students will explore numerous art media and at least two areas in great depth. The degree will best prepare students for admission in Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) programs. The studio art courses provide students with experiences in a variety of media including, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, metalsmithing, ceramics, graphic design, digital media, and animation.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is 120 credit hours, 84 of which are fine arts courses. The courses can be broken down as follows:
  1. Campus Wide General Education Requirements
  2. Fine Arts Core (minimum of 84 cr. hr.)
  • 15 hours of Art History A 101, A 102, Contemporary Art, Philosophy of Art, one other 200 or above
  • 9 hours of foundations studio courses at the 100 level
  • 57 hours of studio courses above the 200 level with a minimum of 30 at the 300 level or higher.
  • A senior capstone experience (S400 – 3 cr. hrs.) must be satisfactorily completed.
  1. The Senior Capstone Experience in Fine Arts

The purpose of the senior capstone experience is to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate that they have mastered a depth of knowledge in the major, that they can integrate knowledge within their creative endeavors, and that they are able to communicate coherently.

The capstone experience is made up of the following:

  • An individual exhibition of their representative work reflecting the program goals.
  • A written statement about their exhibit, goals, techniques, process approach and influences and course for future direction.

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