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IU Fort Wayne offers numerous degree programs designed to maximize your potential in the health care community without ever needing to leave the Fort Wayne area.

Our inspired, caring faculty work together across disciplines to create a uniquely connected health sciences learning environment that focuses on treating the whole person. From your very first day, you’ll see the difference this makes in our programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor's Degree (Baccalaureate) Programs

The typical undergraduate degree program is either a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree. The degree typically takes four years for full-time students and substantially longer for part-time students. IU Fort Wayne's bachelor's degrees are awarded in the professional schools and within the arts and sciences.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs resemble minors but generally require more credit hours. Some certificate programs are a stand-alone program, which means that a student does not have to be working toward a two- or four-year degree to complete the certificate program. Specific requirements can be found in the section for the school offering the certificate. https://www.iufw.edu/academics/index.html

Graduate and Professional Programs

While degrees are awarded through the IUPUI campus, students wishing to pursue a Master of Social Work or a Doctor of Medicine may do so on the IU Fort Wayne campus.  Specific programs requirements can be found on their school websites.


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