Academic Policies and Procedures


Grading Policies

A grade of W (Withdrawal) is given automatically to the student who withdraws from courses during the automatic withdrawal period as specified in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin. After the automatic withdrawal period, a student may withdraw only with the permission of the dean. This approval is given only for urgent reasons related to extended illness or equivalent distress. The desire to avoid a low grade is not an acceptable reason for withdrawal from a course.

A grade of W does not affect the overall grade point average. A grade of F will be recorded on the official transcript if a student stops attending but does not officially withdraw from class. Students who alter their schedules, whether at their own initiative or by departmental directive, must follow withdrawal procedures. Students who do not assume this responsibility are jeopardizing their records because they will incur a failing grade in a course not properly dropped and will not receive credit for work done in a course not properly added.

Students who wish to cancel their Bloomington campus registrations for a future semester must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing prior to the first day of classes.

Students who are forced to discontinue all studies during the semester (even if enrolled in only one course) and withdraw from the university must contact the Student Advocates Office in Eigenmann Hall West 225 to complete the withdrawal process.

At IUB, if a student withdraws after the first week of classes, the courses in which the student was enrolled will be retained on the student’s record with a grade of W or F (as appropriate) and a notation of the date of withdrawal. To qualify for a grade of W after the deadline, a student must be passing the course(s) on the date of withdrawal. If the student is failing, the grade on the date of withdrawal will be F.

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