Academic Policies and Procedures


Time Requirements

All requirements for the M.S. degrees must be met within five consecutive calendar years from the date of completion of the first credited (i.e., nondeficiency) course.

Revalidation of Courses

Normally, a course may not be counted toward degree requirements if it has been completed more than five years prior to the awarding of the degree for master's students. The advisor may recommend to the dean that course work taken prior to the deadline be revalidated if it can be demonstrated that the knowledge contained in the course(s) remains current. Currency of knowledge may be demonstrated by (a) passing an examination specifically on the material covered by the course; (b) passing a more advanced course in the same subject area; (c) passing a comprehensive examination in which the student demonstrates substantial knowledge of the content of the course; or (d) publishing scholarly research demonstrating knowledge of the content of the course.

Courses taken while an undergraduate and counted toward the requirements of a baccalaureate degree may not also be counted toward a graduate degree.

Academic Bulletins