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BS in Intelligent Systems Engineering

SoIC Major Requirements

** Equivalent honors versions of regular courses may substitute for all requirements.  Please see specific course descriptions, posted in respective bulletin, for prerequisites and other pertinent information. **

The School of Informatics and Computing student database enables students to check their academic degree information, add/drop minors, add/change specializations/cognates/concentrations and apply to graduate.  Students are responsible for these actions.

The Intelligent Systems Engineering major and concentration courses are still in the process of being developed and implemented.

Please see criteria for applying for the ISE major in the Admissions area of this bulletin.
Major Requirements

Students must receive a minimum grade of C- in each course and a major GPA of 2.0 or higher

12 hours in the major must be completed on the Bloomington campus.

Students must complete the following:

Natural Science and Mathematics (24 cr.)

  1. Must complete:
    • MATH-M 211 Calculus I
    • MATH-M 212 Calculus II
    • MATH-M 343 Introduction to Differential Equations with Applications
    • PHYS-P 221 Physics I
    • PHYS-P 222 Physics II
  2. Select 1 course from the following:
    • MATH-M 365 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • STAT-S 320 Introduction to Statistics
    • STAT-S 350 Introduction to Statistical Inference

Core courses:

  • CSCI-Y 395 Career Development
  • ENGR-E 101 Innovation and Design
  • ENGR-E 110 Engineering Computing Architectures
  • ENGR-E 111 Software Systems Engineering
  • ENGR-E 201 Computer Systems Engineering
  • ENGR-E 210 Engineering Cyber-Physical Systems
  • ENGR-E 221 Intelligent Systems I
  • ENGR-E 250 Systems, Signals, and Control
  • ENGR-E 299 Engineering Professionalization and Ethics

Each semester Undergraduate Research or Internship will be available.

6 hours of Engineering Electives - Students can choose from any courses in the concentration they have not taken.


  • ENGR-E 490 Engineering Capstone Design I
  • ENGR-E 491 Engineering Capstone Design II

Concentration Area Courses

Students should, in consultation with their academic advisor, choose a concentration area before their junior year. Students must receive a minimum grade of C– in each course.  Please consult the concentration area section of this bulletin for the list of concentration areas.

Academic Bulletins

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