Academic Policies and Procedures


Grading Policies

Extended-X Option

Any undergraduate student may retake a course for which he/she received a grade below an A. A student may exercise this option for no more than three courses, totaling no more than 10 credits. A student may use this option only once for a given course. The following grades cannot be replaced under the Extended-X policy: S, P, W, I, R, NC.

NOTE: The Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering will calculate both grades, not just the second grade. Grades of FX calculate as grades of F (D-X grades as grades of D-, DX grades as grades of D, etc.). This calculation will apply to all categories of academic standing (good standing, probation, and dismissal); class rank; and all grade point average requirements in the degree, including cumulative, semester, major, minor, etc. The form should be submitted after auto "W" of the semester the student is enrolled in the 2nd course.  The FINAL deadline is the last day of classes of the semester the student has applied to graduate.

For transcript purposes:

The student’s official transcript shall record both grades. For the course retaken, only the second grade shall be counted in the determination of the student’s grade-point average (GPA). Any GPA calculated in accord with this policy shall be marked with an asterisk denoting that a lower grade has been replaced by a second grade in the course.

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