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Environmental Health

Research, Instructional, and Service Projects

In addition to offering a variety of courses and degree programs, the department is continuously involved in a number of innovative research, instructional, and service projects that include the following:

  • Oxidative Stress and Environmental Analysis Core Laboratory  This facility is equipped with modern analytical equipment (e.g. LC-MS/MS, GC-ECD), capable of quantifying environmental chemicals in both environmental sources and human samples, as well as biomarkers of exposure to pollutants that may impact human risk for disease development.  Quantitation of environmental pollutants and by-products associated with exposure to such contaminants provides insight into how human activities impact the health of the environment, and whether these activities adversely affect human health.   Director:  Kamendulis
In addition, faculty research involves several aspects of toxicology and environmental health. For the past three decades, Dr. Klaunig and colleagues have been devoted to understanding the mechanisms of action by which agents – pharmaceuticals and chemicals - produce acute and chronic toxic effects.  Our lab uses state of the art molecular and cellular approaches to understanding the role of chemicals in inducing or prevention of human disease.   Current projects employ investigation of oxidative damage and stress in chronic disease as well as looking at the role of the environment in cancer (liver, pancreas, brain, and colon) and neurodegeneration. 

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