Courses by Department

Interdepartmental and Technical Courses

Interdepartmental - SPH-X
  • SPH-X 505 Principles and Foundations of Public Health (3 cr.) (Formerly HPER-C 505) An introduction to the five core areas of public health and the manner in which public health is related to multidisciplinary approaches to address health-related challenges in diverse communities.
  • SPH-X 511 Public Relations (3 cr.) (Formerly HPER-T 593) Principles of public relations, human relations, identification, and analysis of publics, problem solving, and techniques in communication media.
  • SPH-X 561 Finance and Budgeting (3 cr.) (Formerly HPER-T 594) Sources of revenue and budgetary procedures for public leisure service agencies. Fund management, financial analysis, purchasing, contractual agreements, and other fiscal concerns.
  • SPH-X 580 Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry in Public Health Research (3 cr.) (Formerly HPER-T 580) This course provides an overview of origins and philosophies behind various techniques in qualitative public health research. Topics include: life history and narratives, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, case study, focus group, research question formulation, data collection techniques, and methods of analyzing qualitative data.
  • SPH-X 590 Introduction to Research in Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation (3 cr.) (Formerly HPER-T 590) Methods and techniques of research; potential and completed problems analyzed with view to selection of topics; standards for writing research papers.
Interdepartmental Graduate School - SPH-G
  • SPH-G 599 Thesis Research (0 cr.) P: Previous enrollment in the required number of thesis credits. (Formerly HPER-G 599) Master's students who have enrolled in 30 or more hours of graduate course work applicable to the degree and who have completed all other requirements of the degree except the thesis of final project of performance may enroll in G599.  Requires section authorization. Repeatable.
  • SPH-G 901 Advanced Research (6 cr.) P: Previous enrollment in the number of dissertation credits whiich is required for the student's degree. (Formerly HPER-G 901) Available to graduate students who have completed all course requirements for their doctorates, have passed doctoral qualifying examinations, and have the requisite number of degree credit hours, this course provides the advanced research student with a forum for sharing ideas and problems under the supervision of a senior researcher. Repeatable five times for a maximun of six total enrollments.

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